Research and Innovation

Sentis invests significant resources in a distinctive, in-house asset: our Research and Innovation team.

The purpose of the Innovation Team is to continually advance the underlying science in the field of Safety, Business Agility and Wellbeing and how it can best be put to use by our clients.

To do this, we invest in the following areas:


We originate and conduct research programs in the application of principles of psychology and neuroscience to Safety, Business Agility and Wellbeing. Furthermore, we test new ideas and techniques for their ability to drive sustainable behavioural change. Often, this work is done in conjunction with leading universities (e.g. Colorado State University, University of South Australia), and results are published in research papers and via speaking engagements at both academic and industry-specific conferences.


Sentis develops its own products, rather than just having trainers deliver slides. These products include a range of organisational and individual assessment tools, training materials, project management and tracking tools, toolkits and real time training to further embed new behaviours. All product offerings are customised to meet specific client needs.

The Sentis Academy™

Our Academy provides a structured vehicle for internships, funded research programs and collaborations with partner universities. Contact us to discuss your ideas and interest in applying for an internship.

The Sentis Research and Innovation Team and our practice leaders regularly share findings and best practices via webinars, white papers and thought leadership articles. As a result, we are regularly invited to speak at conferences, and our clients are likewise invited to share their experiences.