Distinctive Approach

Sentis helps forward-thinking organisations uncover long-term sustainable improvements in performance. We don’t just deliver training; we ensure that new ways of thinking and behaving are embedded into the fabric of your organisation.

The Sentis Way

In partnering with our clients, we distinguish our services through a six-phase approach:

In following the Sentis Way, we can ensure that your organisation will see the desired impact of our intervention and clear ROI. We know that pressure exists to limit the amount of time employees are taken ‘off the tools’ to attend training programs. The Sentis Way offers several opportunities to ensure transfer of training knowledge back to the workplace occurs, without increasing the amount of time employees attend classroom-based training.

Making Training Stick

How can organisations increase the likelihood that content covered in training makes it back to the workplace? The Sentis Way provides the following strategies:

  • Diagnose: Collect diagnostic information about training transfer factors and adjust training to reflect this.
  • Design: Ensure the program provides opportunities for participants to interact socially and involves them actively in the learning process (e.g. group discussions, role-plays).
  • Implement: During the training program, identify and discuss tangible examples of when training concepts could be applied at work, and how this could look. Provide coaching to frontline leaders in techniques to encourage workers’ transfer of safety training (e.g. providing feedback, dealing with resistance).
  • Sustain: Incorporate training concepts within the workplace through various channels (e.g. incorporation at meetings, refresh concepts through Sentis Dojo, champion ‘themes’ to maintain focus.)
  • Measure: Re-assess to track improvement, celebrate wins and plan next steps for ongoing cultural improvement.

Using Technology to Improve Training Transfer

Sentis Dojo is our online knowledge platform and uses the latest technology, combined with the most current research in brain science and learning, to embed training content and increase the likelihood of employees applying their new knowledge in the workplace.

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