Safety Leadership

Develop your safety leaders and empower them to drive a strong, positive safety culture.

Successful safety culture change requires strong, consistent leadership. From the CEO to middle management to frontline supervisors—leaders at all levels play a crucial role in influencing employee safety attitudes and behaviours.

Assessing safety leadership capability

Safety leadership is a key factor in determining an organisation’s safety climate, and in turn employee safety performance. Effective safety leadership not only leads to increased team effort and Safety Citizenship behaviours (going above and beyond when it comes to safety), but also improved employee productivity, quality and engagement. Helping leaders understand their safety leadership capabilities enables them to capitalise on their strengths and develop their areas of opportunity.

8 Safety Leadership Competencies

The Sentis Safety Leadership Model summarises the critical behaviours that define effective safety performance by leaders. Scientifically validated, the model details eight dimensions or categories of safety leadership behaviours:

  • Supporting team members through active monitoring of decisions and actions, and ensuring alignment with the corporate safety strategy, vision and values.
  • Recognising and rewarding team members based on their demonstration of effective safety behaviour.
  • Actively caring for the health, safety and general wellbeing of team members.
  • Collaborating, or sharing ownership of safety with team members by asking for their active participation in safety decision-making, and empowering everyone on the team to take personal responsibility for safety.
  • Sharing a vision for safety and facilitating the development of team goals, targets, and plans to achieve it.
  • Inspiring the team to achieve the safety vision and safety excellence through motivational and encouraging communications.
  • Role modelling safety compliant behaviours that set the benchmark of what is expected from the team.
  • Challenging team members to think about safety issues and scenarios in ways that they might not have considered before.

Safety Leadership Assessment

Developed around the eight-dimension Sentis Safety Leadership Model, the Safety Leadership Assessment (SLA) helps leaders identify their personal strengths and areas for development. With both self-assessment and 360-degree options available, leaders gain an in-depth understanding of their leadership style and capabilities with a view towards making positive changes. Depending on your requirements, your leaders will receive personalised reports which may be supported by coached debrief sessions, action planning and aggregated organisational results.

The SLA is available in both executive and field-leader versions and is best combined with a Safety Climate Survey for a comprehensive assessment. 

Towards safety leadership excellence

An effective safety leader motivates and engages their team towards improved safety and wellbeing, as well as increased efficiency and innovation. Support your leaders’ on-going development and equip them with the knowledge and skills to achieve safety leadership excellence through:

  • a range of engaging, experiential training programs, including our:
    • Frontline Leaders program to improve leaders’ ability to build trust, communicate effectively and have challenging conversations with others
    • Leading Safety Citizens program to improve leaders’ skills in the eight safety leadership competencies that drive an organisation towards a culture of Safety Citizenship
    • targeted programs to improve leaders’ ability to lead effective safety interactions and effective pre-start meetings
  • one-on-one coachingtargeted at improving areas of opportunity and assisting leaders to understand how to capitalise on their strengths
  • digital knowledge platform, Sentis Dojo (powered by Axonify), which leverages brain science and gamification techniques to enhance learning and embed training content.

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