The Brain Science of Learning

How do we make learning more effective, more personal and more engaging, while best meeting the needs of the modern learner?

Sentis Dojo (powered by Axonify) is our knowledge platform and uses the latest technology, combined with the most current research in brain science and learning, to embed training content and increase the likelihood of employees applying their new knowledge in the workplace.


Why Dojo? A dojo is a place where you practice and train the way of anything, as long as the way leads you to enlightenment.

Designed for use on smart phones, tablets or computers, participants decide when and where they want to do their daily learning, allowing true self-directed learning. Utilising the microlearning technique, bite-size chunks of information are provided to participants and reinforced daily.

Sentis Dojo leverages proven brain science and gamification techniques, confidence-based learning and interval reinforcement to encourage sustained engagement and training transfer—maximising your return on investment in training. Adaptive learning algorithms constantly monitor employee progress and ensure gaps in knowledge and behaviour are addressed to help employees perform better.

Four zones provide value to your business:

LearnerZone is where participants go to learn. Their training, reinforcement and certification can all be found here. Additionally, learners will find the games, leaderboard, rewards and ability to track their achievements. Opportunity for interaction with colleagues exists via the messaging centre.

LeaderZone is where leaders go to understand how their team is progressing. Leaders can see knowledge growth and gaps for the business, their team, and individuals. They can access dashboards and see clearly whether any individuals need coaching to support their learning, as well as identify top performers.

DiscoveryZone is where learners can go to access ‘just in time’ learning or additional information about content. The content library includes all additional supportive documentation to support learners to understand new content. Additionally, learners can ask questions to gain deeper understanding of content.

AdminZone is the ‘behind the scenes’ page where those with necessary permissions can access content, input surveys, view dashboards, set up users and groups, and add new rewards, games, or programs.

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