About Sentis

Empowering more than 300 companies and 150,000 individuals to think differently about safety since 2003.

At Sentis, our mission is to change the lives of individuals and organisations for the better, every day. By creating intrinsic motivation and fostering personal ownership over safety, we help employees to demonstrate more helpful thinking and behaviours, empowering them to make safer choices and ultimately return home to the people, places and things they care about most.

We work with clients who have hit a plateau in their safety results, or who are looking to achieve the next level of safety excellence. Addressing safety culture is not a 'quick fix'. It is a strategic, long-term investment and our clients understand this.

As specialists in safety culture measurement and transformation, we draw on applied psychology and neuroscience to address the person and leadership components of safety culture. We invest in our award-winning research and innovation team, and create fit-for-purpose safety culture solutions for your business. We assess, train, coach and consult to ensure new ways of thinking and behaving are embedded for the long-term, and measure the results and impact of your investment with us.

Our assessments will highlight areas of improvement around your safety practices and environment. We do not address these for you, but we do enable your people to use these tools and controls more effectively.

We align our safety programs to your values, your language and your safety culture. Our clients are our partners, and work with us because we help them achieve tangible results. This includes safer, more engaged workplaces; increased productivity; leadership capability; and transformational, sustainable safety culture change. On average, our clients have achieved a 73% reduction in recordable injuries after engaging in our programs.

We make safety personal, and in doing so help organisations enhance and move beyond compliance to empower employees to work safely—not because they have to, but because they want to.

Interested in learning more about our approach and how we can help your business? Send us a message or call 1300 653 042.