Ky's Story: Living with Autism, featuring Hugo Weaving

Ky’s Story: Living With Autism [Animation]

Ky’s Story: Living with Autism is a short animated film about the struggles of living with autism and is part of Sentis’ iMind initiative. Launched in 2016, the short animated film is presented and narrated by Hugo Weaving and looks at the key characteristics of autism as experienced by his own 16-year-old nephew Ky Greenwood.

The animation was created to be donated to autism associations and be utilised to create awareness and understanding in Australia and beyond. Our goal is for the animation to be shared as widely as possible to build awareness about the realities of individuals and families living with autism. We encourage organisations to use this resource in educating their people and the community.

Ky’s Story: Living with Autism was recognised with a prestigious dolphin award at the 2017 Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards.

How to share the animation

Ky’s Story: Living with Autism is available to stream or link to via YouTube.

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About the Autism Project

Autism has been the theme of Sentis’ iMind Initiative since 2015. The project was established by Sentis team member Will Greenwood, proud parent to Ky. Will’s aim is to shine a light on the realities of a family living with autism by educating the wider community and providing support to families and carers of autistic children.

In addition to Ky’s Story: Living With Autism, the project involved a number of activities designed to create awareness including:

  • Internal education for the Sentis team regarding autism and the day-to-day realities for those with the condition and their families.
  • Autism Queensland Wellbeing Workshop – Sentis delivered a workshop aimed at supporting families and carers of autistic children.

The animation was developed and designed by a team including Sentis, animators Hotel Lima and Griffith University Film School, and was proudly supported by Gold Coast Hospital Foundation, Autism Queensland and Gold Coast University Hospital.