Driving a Positive Safety Culture – Early Access

 “When you work unsafely, you get higher production and praise.”

“If you report something then you have an issue,it’s a blame game.

“They need to kill a few [people] before anything is done.”

Investment in safety culture is crucial. If your people lack the intrinsic motivation to take responsibility for their own safety, the risk of incidents and injuries will be high. To help safety professionals create a stronger safety culture, our upcoming study explores the top opportunities areas for organisations seeking to make a change.

Driving a Positive Safety Culture – 2019 Edition

Explore the current state of safety culture across industry, and learn practical strategies you can implement within your business and begin your shift towards a positive Safety Culture.

Our new study draws on data collected from real clients and is due for release in November 2019. To sign up to receive early access when the study is published, please complete the form below.