Driving a Positive Safety Culture

Driving a Positive Safety Culture [Ebook]

Lessons for Safety Leaders and Management

A two-year safety culture study has found that there is significant room for improvement for organisations across heavy industry. Featuring 17 companies and 30 separate sites across mining, utilities, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing and agriculture, the study has uncovered 10 key drivers that influence positive and negative safety cultures.

The findings also indicate that a staggering 76% of organisational sites sit below the Private Compliance level of maturity.

What does this mean for organisations seeking to understand safety culture in their business?

A negative safety culture detracts from safety performance. Employees hold unhelpful attitudes around safety in general, and towards specific objects and processes within the organisation. This leads to complacency, poor communication, low safety priority and high production pressure. The result? Increased incidents and higher costs—financially and socially.

A positive safety culture fosters willingness to go above and beyond minimum role requirements. Workers comply with standard and procedures not because they have to, but because they want to. And they do this regardless of whether or not their supervisor is present.  They seek to improve safety for not only themselves, but their team and organisation more broadly. Organisations see increased discretionary effort, employee engagement with safety and reduced incidents.

How do you build a positive safety culture?

By content-analysing the safety culture themes extracted from hundreds of onsite data gathering activities, our study was able to discern overarching themes that sit across organisations and industries. The safety culture drivers we uncovered are detailed in our latest ebook, alongside recommendations for safety leaders.

Download your free copy of Driving a Positive Safety Culture to learn the results of our study and how to drive a positive safety culture in your organisation.

Driving a Positive Safety Culture

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