Mineral Mining Case Study

Case Study: Mineral Mining, Processing & Supply


  • Client Snapshot

    • Global mineral mining, processing and supply company
    • Australia/New Zealand division
    • 1300+ employees across 45 sites

  • Objectives

    • Implement a strategy to push safety culture further towards zero harm
    • Provide the tools to increase employees’ internal motivation to use safety systems effectively

  • Results

    • More than 2 years LTI-free, ongoing at time of case study (2014)
    • 37% improvement in the integration of off-the-job safety and the workplace safety program
    • 36% improvement in the effectiveness of engineering elements
    • 24% increase in perceptions of leader commitment to safety

In 2011, Sentis partnered with a global mineral mining, processing and supply operator to develop a safety intervention across their processing operations at one of their Australian sites. With a mature safety culture already in place, the client sought to implement a strategy that would further improve progress towards their goal of zero harm.

The entirety of site operations from managers and superintendents, to front line operators, engineers and administration staff engaged in the Sentis safety culture change program. Following the successful implementation of the program, the client achieved more than two years with zero Lost Time Injuries. This result was ongoing at the time of this case study (2014).


Over the course of the safety culture change roll out, Sentis conducted the following activities:

A Safety Climate Survey (SCS) was conducted to provide a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and opportunity areas across the site's operations. The results of this diagnostic were benchmarked against industry and used to guide program development.
Staff at all levels engaged in a two-day experiential ZIP safety workshop. Three subsequent programs for new employees were conducted in 2012 and 2013. ZIP workshops apply learnings from neuroscience and psychology to safety to inspire individual and organisational change.
A steering committee was developed with senior management from the site and the Sentis Principal Consultant. This dedicated group was responsible for championing the cultural change and driving the embedding of the concepts internally within their systems and processes. Sentis Consultants provided ongoing coaching and consulting to ensure the change management process was managed and communicated effectively. They also provided consulting specifically focused on integrating ZIP concepts into pre-shift and safety meetings.


Following the implementation of the ZIP training program, the client saw a significant improvement in safety culture indicators. In addition to achieving more than two years LTI-free, results included:

  • 37% improvement in the integration of off-the-job safety and the workplace safety program
  • 36% improvement in the effectiveness of engineering elements
  • 36% increase in perceived priority assigned to safety by supervisors (42% increase for managers)
  • 24% increase in perception of leader commitment to safety
  • 21% increased prevalence of the belief that all injuries are preventable
  • 21% increase in perceptions of the safety of plant and equipment
  • 17% improvement in recognition and celebration of high safety performance

"ZIP has been a fantastic tool for us… our last LTI was on 18 December 2012 and was one day only, any MDI have had very low severity as well."Operations Manager
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