Our Approach

We operate on the premise that all safety incidents are preventable and that the development of a safe culture where every person gets home safely every day is achievable with the right practices, environment, people and leadership.

Our approach focuses on driving personal responsibility and accountability for safety behaviour and results. We move beyond the ‘how’ and address the ‘why’—our internal attitudes, values and beliefs that motivate us to make safe choices.

We help workers to understand how their brains' process risk, and how their attitudes drive the results they achieve in life. In doing so, we encourage individuals to use their most importance piece of PPE—their brain—to help keep them safe for the people and things they care about most.

We challenge individuals to think differently about safety. We empower them to value and prioritise safety, and challenge unhelpful safety attitudes—not only in themselves, but in others. Only then is safety seen as an investment for everyone’s benefit, at work and at home, rather than a cost.

How can Sentis help you to drive a positive safety culture?

To ensure the best outcome for your business, we apply a psychologically-based process designed to create genuine and sustainable change in safety culture and performance. We don't just deliver training. We work with you to help uncover what's working and what's not, and implement a safety culture change program that ensures new ways of thinking and behaving are embedded for the long term.

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