My Safe Break

My Safe Break [Toolkit]

Switch your brain on to stay safe this festive season

Whether you’re taking leave or working through the holidays, as the year draws to a close it’s more important than ever to remain safety vigilant at both work and home.

To assist you with preparing yourself and your team for a safe end to the year, Sentis has developed the My Safe Break toolkit. The toolkit includes a series of posters and focus statements and is designed to bring key safety messages front of mind, including:

  • The impact of mood and emotion on hazard awareness and risk management decisions, and the importance of maintaining helpful frames or attitudes.
  • The brain benefits of generosity and checking in with workmates and their wellbeing.
  • Managing distraction and stress levels over the festive period by asking “What’s Important Now?”

We encourage you and your team to use the toolkit to reflect on these and consider your Personal Big5™—who and what you make your safe choices for.

My Safe Break Toolkit

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