Safety and the Brain

Safety and the Brain [White Paper]

Every day we are asked to do more with less. The demand for safer workplaces and scrutiny from regulatory bodies has never been more intense, and businesses are seeking more than just short-term interventions. In order to establish effective and enduring organisational change, and to break through the safety plateau, we need to look differently at what we are doing and turn to the most resourceful of our protective equipment—the human brain.

In this white paper, we explore some fundamental truths about the limitations of the human brain, and the implications of these for safety in the workplace.


  • What Makes People Tick?
  • The Brain and Our Environment
  • The Brain as an Energy-Saver
  • Our Limited Focus
  • Pleasure vs Pain
  • The Social Brain
  • Implications and Recommendations for Workplace Safety
Safety and the Brain
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First published 2014. Last updated 2018.