The Sentis Way

What do your people really think when it comes to safety? Are there pockets of excellence? Or specific areas working against your safety efforts?

To ensure the best outcome for your business, Sentis applies a psychologically-based safety process designed to implement genuine and sustainable change in safety culture and performance. We don't just deliver training. We work with you to help uncover what's working and what's not, and implement a safety culture change program that ensures new ways of thinking and behaving are embedded for the long term.

  Diagnose & Benchmark

Our suite of diagnostic and benchmarking tools allow us to gain a clear picture of safety culture in your business. In addition to these tools, you will receive support to ensure maximum participation and a sufficient response rate that provides meaningful safety culture insights.

Depending on your organisation's needs and structure, this phase may include a combination of one or more of the following:

  Design & Implement

Change doesn't happen overnight, which is why we work with you to determine how your organisation will embed, sustain and continually improve your safety culture over time. We start with a 3-5 year plan and take you through vision, alignment and action planning workshops to ensure long-term success.

Behind the scenes we design and configure a fit-for-purpose safety culture intervention. Our training programs have proven success and may include:

  Sustain & Measure

To support your 3-5 year plan and overarching safety vision, we assist you to continue and sustain positive changes to your safety culture. This includes program embedding, leadership coaching and targeted campaigns to further improve safety culture at individual, team and organisational levels.

This also includes activities to measure and track improvements over time. By tracking key metrics and lead and lag indicators, you can assess the effectiveness of specific safety initiatives and improvements in overall cultural maturity, as well as individual and leadership capabilities. Specific activities during this phase may include:

With determined and strategic focus, and a comprehensive approach, your organisation can make positive progress towards safety excellence and a culture of Safety Citizenship.

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Based on a sample of 37,690 Sentis program participants across 13 industries.